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Many months in development, the Dillenburg-based ceramics producer Ströher is now ready to launch its new interactive communications platform, whose clear, flat design makes information quick to find and shows the ceramics in glorious detail. Instead of the previous trade-oriented approach, the new-look homepage, which appears in four languages, now offers a targeted navigation and information structure that is weighted towards specific target groups and satisfies all requirements in terms of intuitive and responsive web design.

Rene Skotarzcyk, Marketing Manager Ströher GmbH:

"When developing the new online presence we placed great emphasis on creating a user experience that with responsive web design would function perfectly on all current end devices, whether that's desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. A key feature of the new website is the Product Finder Panel, which appears next to the navigation menu as a central tool that is always available, wherever the user is on the website. It collates all the important features of the desired product together with all the relevant and necessary information criteria that the target group may need, and displays this as content in an integrated scroll bar – filtered if required by colour, format, series or product category."


Cutting edge web technology produces even higher performance on the new website, which provides access to the ceramics company in four languages for all target groups, from wholesalers to those who work with the products, as well as for interested members of the general public, from journalists to architects.


Gerhard Albert, Chairman of the Board of Ströher GmbH: "Ströher hopes to use this innovative website to make its reputation and expertise clearly visible from the start. Nowadays, end consumers and architects alike tend to get their information online. They use keywords like terrace renovation, patio flooring, clinker brick slips or facade cladding to gain an overview of the market and product range. Before planning their work, they look for inspiration or for reference and application examples. We want to impress people conducting such searches with a high quality presentation of our ceramics, together with targeted information, downloads and clear and simple instructions."


The Ströher Group is an international company based in Dillenburg, Germany and has four separate areas of activity. Ströher GmbH, the parent company and market leader in the manufacture of extruded ceramics, is divided into the two areas of floor and facade ceramics. The two subsidiaries "Gepadi" and "Ströher Living" focus on modern and sophisticated residential ceramics and complement the entire ceramics range with their fine stoneware.

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