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Seven years after the successful introduction of the first residential ceramics brand "GEPADI", the Ströher Group is adding another strong pillar to its portfolio.

While the Ströher parent company, the leading manufacturer of clinker brick slip facades and permanently laid outdoor ceramics, is expanding its extrusion capabilities, Ströher Living sets itself apart from the first subsidiary GEPADI in the area of fine stoneware ceramics. Its timeless, sophisticated and feelgood archaic style perfectly complements the contemporary, design-oriented range of GEPADI – Home & Style, Garden and Project.


Gerhard Albert, Chairman of the Board of Ströher GmbH: "Ströher stands for the words: Clinker. Ceramic. Makers. A strapline that has always meant far more to us than the mere positioning of our core range. The word 'Makers' does not just stand for manufacturer, but also for a 'spirit of innovation' that identifies and creates opportunities. Alongside the now well-established residential ceramics brand GEPADI, this second subsidiary will expand, enhance and complete the overall range of the Ströher Group in the best way possible."


Patrik Schneider, Managing Director Sales at Ströher GmbH and also responsible for the Ströher Living and Gepadi brands: "Ströher Living is being launched with four striking series and will be marketed by the existing Ströher sales team. As with the GEPADI range, Ströher Living will also offer fine stoneware garden paving slabs for loose laying on balconies and terraces. Ströher Living will complement the outdoor flooring ceramics range of the Ströher parent company with compatible interior ranges."


The new brand of the Ströher Group, "Ströher Living – contemporary ceramic culture", has been present on the market since July as a specialised trade brand. 


Caption 1 Ambience:

The "Mood" series is being launched by Ströher Living in five colours and in the formats 30 x 60 and 60 x 60 cm as well as reinforced garden paving slabs in 60 x 60 x 2 cm format. "Mood" combines the character of lifestyle understatement and luxurious lightness, which is so typical of stylish contemporary architecture. 

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